GIVEAWAY: Tickets to “Baba Yaga” Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre Production

Meet the star of Russian folk lore, Baba Yaga!

Join Tears of Joy Theatre on an exciting musical journey into a Russian forest. Marusia is lost in the deep dark woods when she encounters a ten-foot house on chicken legs!  Baba Yaga springs out of the house and stuffs Marusia into a stewpot where she is joined by the Hedgehog Prince. To win their freedom, Marusia and Hedgehog set out on a quest for the magical black sunflower which is guarded by a fearsome dragon!

Cautionary childhood stories about Baba Yaga abound in Russian and Slavic folklore.  Flying around in her mortar, she is known to capture disobedient children (ala Hansel and Gretel). Baba Yaga’s famous house on chicken legs, named Isbushka, is presented in our production by a skilled stilt-walker. Based on the book by Ernest Small, Geraldine Custer’s adaptation brings Baba Yaga’s exciting yet essentially harmless personality to life.

The production is a lively musical, featuring unforgettable songs by Richard Moore. The puppets in this play are large adaptations of bunraku puppets that bring a magical presence to the stage. And, as always, arrive to the theatre ½ hour early to make your own puppet, and bring your own chicken-leg house home with you!

We are giving away a family four pack tickets to one lucky winner to see “Baba Yaga”. Details for entering below.

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  • Anonymous

    This sounds great! So glad I live in a city with so many different cultural events for kids!

  • Amanda Hoffman

    I haven’t made it to Tears of Joy, but I’ve always wanted to.  Can’t wait to win :-)

  • Suzanne Haddix

    I haven’t seen a Tears of Joy production in years! Sounds like fun.

  • robin baker

    Ooooh…this sounds fun! We’ve never been to Tear of Joy Theatre.

  • Misty McCleary

    I love this site! Helps me find out about all sort of events!