Camps Issue Out Now!

Our special issue on camps has just hit the stands and is posted online. It is chockablock with stories to help you select summer camps for your kids, whether you are looking for day camps or a sleepaway experience. The issue is also crammed with lists of camps and advertisements. Both can give you a feel for what each camp offers.

First up is a story on how to pick a camp your child will enjoy. We also have a story with great tips on how to prepare your child for that wonderful rite of passage, the overnight camp. Another story discusses how to handle homesickness.

Camp is so much more than just summer day care. We’ve got a great look at all the benefits of summer camp – from enhancing social skills, to building confidence to boosting athletic or academic capability. We’ve even got a story on finding camps for those too-cool eye-rolling tweens.

So, sit back, relax, and take a look at all the fun your kids can have this summer. Too bad mom and dad can’t go too!

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