Nature Calls

Some time ago, the staff of Metro Parent came up with a system for evaluating family outings. We call it the “Five E’s” analysis: Does the outing provide Education, Entertainment and Exercise? Is it Economical? And does it have minimal impact on the Environment?
We are SO LUCKY to live in an area where the possibilities for family outings that meet all of the above criteria are nearly endless.
For example, on Wednesdays you can head to Leach Botanical Garden for a Honeybee Hike or enjoy Tadpole Tales, a nature walk hosted by the Columbia Slough Watershed Council. On Fridays, the city of Portland sponsors Ladybug Nature Walks and on Mondays, Metro and the Tualatin Hills Parks & Rec District offer Cooper Mountain Nature Play Time.
Metro’s Web site is a great place to find dozens of family outing possibilities – all of which will meet our “Five E’s” criteria – in spades.
After all, nature is calling!

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