A Love Letter to Our Readers, and Another Chapter

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When I started PDX Kids Calendar in August of 2010, I was still new to Portland, new to parenting, and at a pretty much total loss as to what to do with my then-four month old.  I created a word document of some of the activities around town that I thought sounded fun, posted it to blogger, and sent the link to the ten ladies in my baby group.   “Would you use this?” I asked them.  Most of them said yes, and I did it again the next week.  And the next.

A few months later, Tabitha and I joined forces, and everything changed.  PDX Kids Calendar stopped being just a site to find something to do with your kids.  Of course, that’s still a huge part of it, but what has been most inspiring to me is seeing it become this amazing community.  You all watch out for each other.  You let us know about events you’ve been to that you loved, and ones that you didn’t.  You tell us about your struggles and your joys with your kids.  You make us laugh.  You let us know when we’ve got something wrong.  You cheer us on when great things happen, like when my daughter was born. You, as much as Tabitha and I, built this place.  And for that I am profoundly thankful and humbled.

And so it with some sadness that I am announcing that I am stepping down from my role as copublisher of PDX Kids Calendar.  My resolutions this year were to allow myself some moments of rest, and to be more present when with my kids.  I’ve found that I’m unable to keep these resolutions while juggling PDX Kids Calendar with caring for my 11-month old and 2-year old, working as a lawyer at a local nonprofit, keeping the house from falling apart, and managing all the other things that go into caring for your family (which you all know all too well).

Do not worry.  PDX Kids Calendar is not going anywhere.  We’ve got some pretty amazing things lined up that will make this place even better than it is now, which will be announced soon.   And I’ll still be around, writing reviews from time to time, and hanging out at the playgrounds, kids’ concerts, and messy art studios.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of this with me, and for helping to shape PDX Kids Calendar into what it has become.


Ali Wilkinson
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Ali Wilkinson

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Ali Wilkinson is one of the founders of PDX Kids Calendar. She loves exploring Portland with her three small children, especially when the explorations end in apple pie and ice cream.
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  • http://www.facebook.com/susannah.krug Susannah Krug

    Oh we totally understand the work-life balance getting out of whack. Go have some fun with your beautiful babies!

  • Fleagle

    You rock!

  • PDXTabitha

    BIG LOVE <3